Meditations to Sooth Chronic Pain

Discover How Meditation Sooths Chronic Pain and Helps People Heal Naturally

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From: Nancy Welch, MS

Meditation for chronic pain requires no conversion, no denial of the religious faith you practice now. It is simply an adjunct; a way to learn to live peaceably with the body and

mind you have right now. I do not mean to imply it teaches acceptance of just anything. Many Buddhists have sacrificed greatly to non-violently try and stop war and injustice. But one must work with what one has–to wish differently is to invite constant suffering and emotional pain in your life.

I wrote Medicine Meditation by doing a series of twelve interviews with twelve AMAZING people who live and love and cope with different levels of debilitating illnesses, either in them selves or their loved ones or their medical patients. (for a complete list of authors please refer to the end of this article) I wanted to write this book as, being a chronically ill person myself, I have often been asked “HOW? and WHY?” do I practice Zen meditation with a body that has been steadily deteriorating since I was age 7 with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

While it is true that the popular conception of meditation is of one sitting very still in a pretzel position, (which is truly dangerous for many arthritics), I knew that if I have been doing this practice for 18 years, there are others out there who could help explain the beauty, the draw of meditation, even to those whose bodies do not function at 100%. My true motivation for seeking out and interviewing, in depth, others who practice meditation while being in some way, closely involved with the suffering and pain of chronic illness, is to spread the information to as many people a possible that, yes, even “crippled” people can benefit from meditation.

They can adapt their form of meditation to work with their own bodies, and that teachers and loved ones and doctors can, and do, understand the gifts that regular meditation bestows on the one who meditates, and all those around them. It is both a beautiful and very serious message, especially as the physicians I was honored to interview are incorporating “mindfulness”, a significant aspect of meditation, into their treatment programs for the chronically ill.

Medicine Meditation offers the insights and understanding of twelve people, many renowned in their different fields, and how meditation can be adapted for those with chronic pain and illness, and how these interviewees themselves have benefited from their meditation practice.

The reader will :

  • Hear from luminaries in the fields of Buddhism, medicine, literature, psychology, as well as from the yet unheard from, who all meditate, teach meditation, and use the insights gained from their meditation to help themselves and others maneuver the difficult road of suffering.
  • Learn specifics as to how to meditate, whether with a fairly healthy body or one not so healthy.
  • Learn from those experienced in meditation and mindfulness WHY such things can be so useful to the ill, and the ones who love them.

There are no miracle cures offered in Medicine Meditation so please don’t look for those. What the book offers instead are alternatives to making one’s suffering worse, alternatives to the fears of illness, pain and one’s own mortality. As the Buddha said, and, consciously or not, we all know, there is no escape from the stages of sickness, old age and death. But there are ways to cease the fear, the avoidance, the senseless and often detrimental attempts at staving off the inevitable.

More importantly, the reader will hear not only from those who are ill, but from those who care for them, and how to find a way out of the helplessness you may feel, watching the one you love, or the one you have sworn to help, even cure , suffer, without cessation. It is my hope that this book will give you, the reader, new options to consider, to try, to learn to live with what you cannot change, without hopelessness or despair.

Medicine Meditation is 198 pages in length and available in two forms: A print book for $14.99 and a download to your computer for $9.99. 

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People who read Medicine Meditation:

  • Rethink the way you have always thought of “suffering”.
  • Learn adaptive skills for living with chronic pain and illness.
  • Learn ways you and your body can practice the phenomena of mindfulness–of truly living in the moment without the distractions of fear for the future or frightening memories of the past.
  • Read of the various ways caretakers and physicians have learned to incorporate mindfulness/meditation into being with the ones they care for.
  • Practice some of the alternative techniques which allow you to quiet your mind, become fully aware of your breath and the very moment it occurs.
  • Discover how meditation has led practitioners to feel at peace with life on it’s own terms, rather than ceaselessly trying to force life into their own desires and demands.

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  • Free yourself from the relentless thoughts of past and future, and learn to experience each current moment of your life to it’s fullest.
  • Realize how learning to be mindfully present with each moment improves your ability to problem solve, to be more productive, to deepen your relationships with your family, your patients, your loved ones.
  • Experience the peace that comes with accepting what IS, rather than what you wish it were.
  • Discover that meditation is not about sitting like a stone Buddha; rather it will help you find the way that is right for you.
  • Receive multiple perspectives on the advantages of understanding mindfulness,
    a word meaning “being present in the moment” and a practice that is becoming more and more mainstream in medicine, psychology and even education.
  • Understand what others are referring to when they speak of mindfulness.
  • Understanding the boundaries of our own control within the world, to know where we can intercede and where we cannot.
  • Eliminate the guilt that so often occurs when one feels they must “make everything OK for everyone”.

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Benefit from the wisdom of the incredible people I interviewed for this book. Discover what the experts say, such as Norman Fischer, former Abbot of San Francisco Zen Center, and now the creator and facilitator of “Every Day Zen”, a world wide ranging group of teachers, practitioners including lawyers, business people, varied clergy and everyday people like you and me. You will also read about of renown author, Ruth Ozeki, and how her meditation allowed her to live with and help and lovingly be with her mother for five years while her mother suffered sever Alzheimer’s.

Other fascinating stories include those of well known professors, researchers, and physicians who either practice meditation and incorporate what they learn into their mainstream academic work, or simply observe and document the varied forms of meditation healing rituals in different cultures. Perhaps, more importantly, you will read of the everyday, unknown individuals who practice and share the benefits of their practice with all others they encounter.

Following the above theme, one does not have to engage in the almost automatic road rage so endemic to our culture. You will learn that the ways we were all brought up, by parents and guardians simply doing their best by repeating their own upbringing, do not have to continue to control us if those ways are no longer helpful; nor do we have to repeat these teachings to our children. There are much more helpful and satisfying ways to respond to conflict, stress and the demands of parenting.

Medicine Meditation is a a guide book, written by twelve successful individuals who share their intimate experiences, insights and new learning that has developed over time as they practiced meditation, mindfulness, or simply learned from the loved one who practiced. The stories also document the links to web-sites which will expand and offer even more support, techniques and fascinating stories of how each person came to be where they are now in life. This book is a goldmine for those who want out of their daily physical and/or existential suffering of living in this difficult world.

  • I offer this book to anyone who has struggled with physical or emotional suffering, who love and live or work with the suffering, to help them sort out which suffering is just the nature of this world, and which suffering is optional, not necessary if one wants to engage in life fully, according to their own beliefs and convictions.
  • I offer this book to psychotherapists, psychologists, physicians, clergy and anyone else who is in the position to offer people a new and healthier way of being in the world.

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But especially, I offer this book to those of us who struggle with medical conditions we cannot change, but can learn to live with in a way that, if not able to “cure” us, gives us options for living with pain in a way that actually allows and ENCOURAGES us to live fully, every moment, without being overwhelmed by our fears, our beliefs and knee-jerk reactions to our pain.

May you find this book useful, helpful, inspiring and comforting as I have by interviewing these amazing people who shine a light on a different way to live with, as Buddhist writer, Pema Chodrin, puts it, “the wisdom of no escape”, from our suffering, and all we can learn from it and share with others.

Nancy Welch, M.S
Bellingham, WA

For those of you interested in my                                         Psychotherapy practice  call: (360) 966-6099

Authors and Their Interviews:

Nancy Welch: A Life’s Journey to Joy

Norman Fischer: Working With the Chronically Ill

Ruth Ozeki: The Art of Living and Dying

Darlene Cohen: Even Arthritics Can Dance

John Wiley and Carolyne Milling: Zen and Caring For a Loved One

Marsha Linehan, PhD: Zen and Psychotherapy

Florence Caplow: Riding the Horse of Change

J.Lee Nelson, MD: Zen and Science

Sandy Taylor: A Life’s Work of Caring

Paula Arai, PhD: Japanese Women and Healing Rituals

Karen Cook: Living With Parkinson’s Disease

Tim Burnett: Zen and the Art of Caring for Family

David Zucker, MD,PhD: Cancer as Living Dharma

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